I started full-time! (Plus, newly published LibGuides and a little reminder)

I’m closing out this whirlwind of a summer by starting my first full-time gig as a law school Reference Librarian! I’ve been part-time at the same law school for almost two years now. I’m really excited to have more time to write, teach, work on projects, get to know my co-workers, and lots more.

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I like to practice hand-lettering in my spare time, so I wrote this handy little reminder with chalk markers to sit on top of my desk. Sometimes when I help students, I can immediately tell that they’re in a rush to find the “right” answer. As a member of the Google generation, I understand this sentiment while also knowing that it can be impractical.

When I’m faced with impatient law students, I always remind them that if the answer was that easy to find using Google alone, why would a client pay them thousands of dollars to help?? This usually puts them in the right frame of mind, and then we can get down to business with legal research.


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One of the guides I worked on while at the Law Library of Congress was featured on the In Custodia Legis blog. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the LLoC and will gladly continue volunteering whenever I get the chance. This particular guide was on Compiling a Federal Legislative History, and it opened my eyes to how much I enjoy this type of research. I even chose to do my lecture presentation on legislative history during my Reference Librarian interview!

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